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Add an Autoresponder featured autoresponder services >>> The very nature of the internet is "now". Those who are conversant with its technologies have high expectations of the web, requiring that it be fast, that it be organized, and that their topic of interest be accessible immediately. Visitors to your site who have attended as part of their quest for information will view your wares, giving due consideration to a potential purchase, either today, or in the near future. In order to achieve the best impression possible, the information they seek must be accessible in a format that is of value to the visitor. Tuck it away in a corner that cannot be found, and the user is left merely frustrated, and may never return. Autoresponders provide value in the information trade. Potential customers can utilize these tools to request an automated email response regarding the topic of specific interest to them. Of obvious value to the visitor, the entrepreneurial mind must also take into account that in offering this tool, you are placing the information on the users personal computer, attached to your site signature and address. In doing so, one creates improved potential for an additional visit, and possible sale. Autoresponders are also a strong service tool. Potential clients visiting your site may be wavering on a purchase, and could decide that they would prefer additional information first, via a regularly published newsletter, for example. Upon submission of their email address, there is often a significant delay until the next edition is released. This lag can mean the difference between a purchase at your site, or one made at a more responsive competitor’s. Through use of an autoresponder, the sign-up at your site can be immediately, and automatically followed up with a carefully constructed email, which may consist of both a note of welcome, and further definition of your product line. Such attention to detail can make a significant difference in the overall profit potential of your online business. Many web hosting companies now incorporate an autoresponder package with your hosting service. Unfortunately, some of these offered services are limited to a specific number of responders. In the event that you find your needs exceed the standard offering, or should your hosting organization not currently provide this service, the following feature additional free packages to help facilitate responsive, and potentially profitable information trade: ListChannel provides a host of mail related services, including mailing list management and hosting, and sequential autoresponder provision, for online courses involving the delivery of multiple emails at specific intervals. offers unlimited autoresponders for use by all members. The angle here is that it is also an ad exchange program – for every two ads you include on a message sent from your autoresponder, they will feature your ad once in another’s mail response. Sendfree’s ad exchange program can also be utilized with your hosting provider’s autoresponder system.   Related Subjects: Request an Article Via Our Autoresponders Add Search Capability To Your Site     back to top of autoresponder page

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Submit Your Email Advertising Opportunity Online for Success invites ezine publishers to submit their email based advertising opportunity to our Ezine Advertising Directory. Listings are free, giving your publication improved visibility, and advertising sales potential. Submit your Email Advertising Opportunity: To create your listing, simply complete the following: Consider signing up for a free Online email account here. This is where all inquiries regarding your ad opportunity will be forwarded. Complete the form below in its entirety. Don’t forget to include your new free email address, if applicable. Submit. We will review all submissions for accuracy, and activate all complete listings within 7 days. Online will give priority service to listings that link back to us. If you wish to spice up your on site advertising opportunity with a link back to Online, simply copy the HTML code on the page we direct you to following your submission. Paste this code appropriately on your site and upload. If you’ve decided to utilize our free email service, return to Online regularly, log into your email account, and review responses to your posted advertising opportunity. Your Ezine Opportunity Information: Ezine Name Site Address Contact Email Address Online Free Email Address 0-1K 1K-5K 5K-10K 10K-25K 25K-50K 50K-100K 100K-250K 250K + Current Subscriber Base Daily Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly Irregular Frequency of Publication Text Ad Cost Per Issue OR Text Ad Cost Per Thousand Age & Gender Business and Economy Computers & Internet Culture & Society Education Entertainment Family & Personal Games Health & Fitness Leisure Sports Shopping Portals Requested Category Suggested Subcategory Where Did You Find Us?   press to submit     back to top