Can Your Sales Lead Software Do This?

Any marketers managing leads through a sales lead software for lead management should make sure their sales software can do the following tasks.
1st off, lead nurturing should have the ability to be handled via automated mechanisms such as:
1. Emails – Automatic emails that are triggered at specified time intervals, when leads reach certain milestones.
2. Reminders – Reminders that are automatically triggered based on specified software rules and follow-up times.
3. Posting & Routing – Leads may be automatically posted to a predictive dialer, a telemarketing company, another database, a marketing services company, etc. to attempt additional contact or take other actions.

Your software should effectively perform lead nurturing and drip marketing tasks by incorporating different content at different intervals. Some recommended formats include:
• Varying Format – Newsletters, personal notes, relevant articles and follow-up calls can all work well in combination.
• Adding Value – Effective lead nurturing comes from being consistent and relevant.
• Keep it Simple – It’s got to be easy. After all; that’s why we purchased the software.

How About This..
Can Your Lead Management Software provide..

  • Dialers (Predictive/Progressive/Click-to-Dial) that offer built-in click-to-dial capabilities that integrates with Five9, Touchstar, Genesis, DialConnection and/or OPC Marketing
  • Pricing and Instant Offers that integrate with NYLX, Mortech, LoanSifter, Optimal Blue & QuoteBurst.
  • Loan Origination Tracking; bi-directional software solutions that can easily integrate with most applications using the Fannie Mae file format. Software is Calyx Point, Encompass, PCLender, OpenClose and Empower compatible.
  • PDF Generation that can merge lead information into PDF templates automatically. PDF’s can be emailed or attached to leads for storage.
  • Lead Routing, Lead Distribution & Live Transfers compatible with live transfer providers that integrates with DoublePositive & LeadQual.
  • DNC scrubbing capabilities that can be enabled for all leads or for specific lead groups based on campaigns or rules.
  • Email Marketing & autoResponder software for automatic lead follow-ups
  • Marketing Automation solutions for enhanced rich media email and tracking capabilities compatible with SoftVu
  • Lead Scoring verification technologies that integrates with TargusInfo, eBureau, iLeads
  • Custom development & integration for those that need something ultra specific.
  • Overall: A CRM solution to manage customer relationships, customer service and accounting. There are a variety of CRM solutions from Mortgage CRM, Insurance CRM & Enrollment CRM; all compatitble with, RightNow Technologies (RNT)

Marketing the Real You

I often wonder how the practice began of pretending to be someone else in order to market your business. You know what I’m talking about — it’s the marketing face, the selling voice, that you often put on in order to attend a networking event or make a sales call. Who taught you to do that? I have a suspicion where we learn this behavior.

Most of us spend a lifetime observing showroom salespeople, product spokespersons in the media, and hucksters on street corners. What we see demonstrated there is artificial enthusiasm, manipulative use of language, feigned interest, and in some cases outright deception.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? So why copy any part of this distasteful way of selling?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Perhaps we believe this is the only way we can sell because it’s the only way we know. I’m not accusing anyone of consciously deceiving prospective clients. What I’m suggesting is that what we do unconsciously and automatically is to behave nauthentically around them.

Intuitively, many of us feel as if something is wrong with this way of operating. When we have to sell ourselves, we find it unpleasant, disagreeable, even repulsive. But what if all those negative feelings were simply because we hate the artificiality and manipulation we think must be a part of selling?

Imagine what it would be like to go to a business networking event as yourself. No facade, no pretension, just plain you. When someone asks your reason for coming, you tell them the truth. You don’t have to claim you wanted to hear the speaker (if you didn’t). You can come right out and say, “I’m hoping to make some contacts that will lead to business for me.”

You wouldn’t have to invent reasons to start a conversation. You can walk up to someone who looks interesting and say, “Hi, I haven’t met you yet.” If you’re shy around strangers, you can tell the first person you meet, “I’m sort of a wallflower and feel awkward at events like this. Could you introduce me to some folks?”

Now imagine placing a follow-up call to a prospect where you are completely honest. You could say, “I have some days open on my calendar soon and I’m wondering if this would be a good time for that project we’ve been discussing.” Or, “We haven’t talked in a while and I’d like to find out if you’re still planning to start the new training program this year.”

I see so many professionals and consultants struggle with trying to find an “excuse” to call a prospect. You don’t need some manufactured excuse. You know the reason you’re calling. Most of the time THEY know the reason you’re calling. Just say what it is.

Let’s extend this same principle to making a cold call. Instead of stumbling around awkwardly trying to make a polished — but unnatural — sales approach, imagine yourself saying, “I’m not much of a salesperson, but I’m really good at what I do. Can we have a conversation about what you need and see if I’m the right person for the job?”

If you’ve been working from a cold-calling script that makes you flush and get a tight throat every time you read it, throw it out. Come up with one really good opening line that feels authentic and gets directly to the point. Then decide how you will answer — honestly — some of the typical questions prospects ask you.

My bet is that your calls will immediately get easier. In fact, the more you become honest, direct, and authentic in all of your marketing, the more appealing selling will be to you, the more effortless it will become, and the more success you will ultimately achieve.

Because most business results from building relationships, and how can you develop a relationship with someone when you never reveal who you really are?

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