Can Your Sales Lead Software Do This?

Any marketers managing leads through a sales lead software for lead management should make sure their sales software can do the following tasks.
1st off, lead nurturing should have the ability to be handled via automated mechanisms such as:
1. Emails – Automatic emails that are triggered at specified time intervals, when leads reach certain milestones.
2. Reminders – Reminders that are automatically triggered based on specified software rules and follow-up times.
3. Posting & Routing – Leads may be automatically posted to a predictive dialer, a telemarketing company, another database, a marketing services company, etc. to attempt additional contact or take other actions.

Your software should effectively perform lead nurturing and drip marketing tasks by incorporating different content at different intervals. Some recommended formats include:
• Varying Format – Newsletters, personal notes, relevant articles and follow-up calls can all work well in combination.
• Adding Value – Effective lead nurturing comes from being consistent and relevant.
• Keep it Simple – It’s got to be easy. After all; that’s why we purchased the software.

How About This..
Can Your Lead Management Software provide..

  • Dialers (Predictive/Progressive/Click-to-Dial) that offer built-in click-to-dial capabilities that integrates with Five9, Touchstar, Genesis, DialConnection and/or OPC Marketing
  • Pricing and Instant Offers that integrate with NYLX, Mortech, LoanSifter, Optimal Blue & QuoteBurst.
  • Loan Origination Tracking; bi-directional software solutions that can easily integrate with most applications using the Fannie Mae file format. Software is Calyx Point, Encompass, PCLender, OpenClose and Empower compatible.
  • PDF Generation that can merge lead information into PDF templates automatically. PDF’s can be emailed or attached to leads for storage.
  • Lead Routing, Lead Distribution & Live Transfers compatible with live transfer providers that integrates with DoublePositive & LeadQual.
  • DNC scrubbing capabilities that can be enabled for all leads or for specific lead groups based on campaigns or rules.
  • Email Marketing & autoResponder software for automatic lead follow-ups
  • Marketing Automation solutions for enhanced rich media email and tracking capabilities compatible with SoftVu
  • Lead Scoring verification technologies that integrates with TargusInfo, eBureau, iLeads
  • Custom development & integration for those that need something ultra specific.
  • Overall: A CRM solution to manage customer relationships, customer service and accounting. There are a variety of CRM solutions from Mortgage CRM, Insurance CRM & Enrollment CRM; all compatitble with, RightNow Technologies (RNT)

Establish an Email Mailing List on your Ecommerce Website

Establish Your Own Mailing List featured mailing list services >>> Establish Your Own Mailing List With the growing popularity of email based marketing, one of the first reactions of the pay for service business world was to begin development of their own, in house mailing lists. As a means of cost reduction, it is now commonplace for internet based business to create topical newsletters on site, often with incentives for visitors to that property to join the list. With a reasonably popular location, it is not outside the realm of possibility for the online entrepreneur to quickly generate in house mailing lists consisting of thousands of subscribers. In doing so, you create your very own marketing opportunity, where interested parties willingly learn about your product in exchange for topical information of value to them. The road a business chooses to establish and maintain such a list is often defined by the expected size, and financial capabilities of the internet property. Large lists can be difficult to manage, with a regular influx of subscribers, unsubscribes, failed addresses, and limitations on mail servers as to the number of emails that can be sent in a specific timeframe. Many large scale operations choose to install their own mail servers, but this can be an expensive proposition for the fresh online business. The other option is to work with a pay for service list management group, who will store, and manage all activity relative to your list for a fee. These groups are often low cost, with service fees that vary dependant upon whether they place advertising on your outgoing emails, number of emails sent, etc. Online has assembled a selection of services of this kind below, for your reference, and review. Browser Based List Managers: ListChannel.Com Software Based List Managers: Mailloop Package BMail – Opt-In Bulk Email     Some Basic Tips If you have decided to incorporate an in house mailing list into your internet business property, consider the following when preparing: consider the placement of the signup form – it should be clearly visible on every page of your site consider incentives for subscribers, be they monthly prizes, price reductions, or restricted area access consider your customers – provide a balance of information and product reviews of value to your clients consider advertisers – only if you feel comfortable that your client base will accept it, and that your property can manage the competition consider the regularity of your publication – how often can you realistically assemble a quality mailing for your client base consider the needs of your subscribers – should you publish in html, text, or both consider it an investment – a well organized, fast downloading, and informative ezine can help grow your business The key to a successful in house publication is similar in nature to the presentation aspects of your ecommerce site. Deliver an interesting and attractive publication, with a keen eye to the needs and wants of your clientelle, and subscribers will flow in regularly, interested in your property, and your commentary on your area of specialization. A natural form of communication on the internet, mailing lists help you develop relationships with potential clients, an art that helps to ensure the online success of your organization.   Related Subjects: Software to Automate Personal List Management Email Marketing – Rented Lists and Ezine Ads Online’s Ezine Advertising Directory     top of mailing list management page

Email is the new internet marketing strategy.

Email Marketing on the Internet featured list rental providers >>> Email based advertising has taken the internet ecommerce world by storm. Currently considered one of the best available investments in web based promotion, email ads have proven themselves to be both affordable, with a strong return on investment potential. Utilizing email as a marketing tool can involve a wide variety of methodologies, goals, and results. Covering the gambit of advertising intent, email promotions are used to introduce new properties and products, acquire new customers, refresh relations with previous purchasers, announce contests, and in general, develop positive relationships with markets of all shapes and sizes. Email List Rental Email based advertising presents a level of flexibility that is hard to match in other environments. Many available lists are well targeted, with a known demographic, and click through rate. This allows the savvy marketer to carefully research, locate, and sell to a group with a known interest in their products or service. Arranging a company specific mailing to a specific market via a rented list can be an expensive proposition, but done correctly can quickly and efficiently create awareness of your new online property, and sales of your product. Many list managers also provide opportunities to buy ad space within a topical mailing, a means of reducing costs associated by sharing in the expense with other advertisers. Some examples of list providers commonly utilized today include: Ezine Advertising An increasingly popular form of email based advertising is the purchase of ad space within one or more of the thousands of regularly distributed ezines on the market. These ezines can have subscriber bases running into the hundreds of thousands, and a well placed, market specific text ad can draw a strong click through rate to your property, and products. The ezines are generally subject oriented, creating a simple means of targeting a group with a natural interest in your product line. This form of advertising can often provide the budget minded entrepreneur an affordable opportunity to create awareness of their web property. Many ezines even offer free ads to subscribers, as an incentive to grow their readership, allowing for pay for inclusion ad rates down the road. Online has assembled the following resources relative to this area: Online’s Ezine Directory A Word on Spamming In your day to business on the web, you will no doubt come into contact with offers to dole out your product or service to millions of hungry buyers for very small fees. These offers are prevalent across the internet today, and can be very tempting to the new online business struggling to raise traffic numbers, and sales. Beware. Known as spamming, these types of mailing lists have been gathered through online harvesting of addresses, as well as other techniques, which will result in the majority of your emails going to individuals who have not requested them. Not only is this action illegal, but it does considerable damage to the online business attempting to establish a reputation for legitimacy. Always verify the collection techniques utilized by any mailing list rental agency, to ensure that your company is presented positively, enabling the development of a relationship of respect with potential clientelle.   Related Subjects: Establish Your Own Mailing List Online’s Ezine Advertising Directory     top of email marketing strategy guide