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Link Exchanges for Web Site Promotion featured link exchange softwares and services >>> The exchange of direct links between internet properties is a time honored tradition on the web, one that continues today. Doing so can garner two parties with complimentary sites some exposure, increases in traffic, and improved overall link popularity ratings – a key to enhanced listings on certain spider based search engines. The end result of a link exchange depends on a number of variables. Visibility of the link. Organization of the links area. The number of links being carried overall. The search engine listings achieved by the link exchange parties. When searching for a potentially valuable link exchange, keep link popularity top of mind. Look for sites that appear on the spider based search engines, thus ensuring that your link placement will be found, positively impacting your site’s link popularity. Try to determine sites that maintain a solid traffic base, and an easy to find, and navigate links area. Placing the expected reciprocal link on your site can also present certain challenges. Many of the larger web properties no longer incorporate link pages into their design, believing that in not doing so, an aura of professionalism is maintained. As well, for many ecommerce based sites, the idea of representing other sites offering products and/or services of any kind presents a level of competetive discomfort that simply cannot be ignored. In choosing to incorporate a links area within your site, ensure that a level of professionalism is maintained. Only support listings for properties that are both complimentary, and non-offensive to your client base. Keep the area well organized, and if necessitated by the number of links, categorized. Update your page regularly, to ensure that all links are active. If you want to participate in the area of link exchange, but are not comfortable in presenting a "links" page within your property, give consideration to incorporating the partner sites into your search results. Utilizing a search engine provider whose software can also spider, and incorporate, results from sites outside your domain is an excellent means of making your partner’s site information available to your clientelle, when requested, without clearly advertising that your property maintains a link exchange. Developing your internet business’ link partners list can be an arduous task, at best. Researching complimentary sites, with sufficient traffic numbers, and listing potentials, can at times seem to be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. But don’t despair! There are a number of softwares available whose specialty is the scouring of the internet, sourcing properties whose nature matches specifications you indicate as of interest. Online has also sourced available services, whose sole purpose is to maintain your links pages, ensuring each link is active, that your link has been activated at the other end, even rotating links to ensure equal coverage for all your partners. Here are some samples of available software and services, to improve and simplify this process of web site promotion for your internet business. Arelis Link Popularity Software Zeus Link Manager Robot       Related Subjects: Internet Marketing – Making Use of MLM Internet Marketing – Promote Through Newsgroups     back to top

Web Site Awards – Online’s Internet Award Directory

Submitting to Award Sites featured award submission sites >>> Since the dawn of the popular internet, and the growth of interest in being online, there have been those who have dedicated their time and efforts to the review of new web based properties. These critics have in turn garnered the respect and interest of web travellers everywhere, folks practically begging for information on the freshest new properties. Submitting your newly developed internet wonder can be rewarding in more ways then one. Firstly, there is the infinite satisfaction of being recognized for the serious efforts applied in the preparation of your web project. Secondly, there exists the potential for traffic… Award sites that have been in operation for some time can deliver the selected "site of the day" thousands of visitors in a very short period of time. Their online, and email publications are in demand, and those in receipt of the information waste no time in visiting the newest web commodity. Some sites offer no cost submission, while others may charge a range of fees depending on time of review. As in many pay per service internet areas, payment does not promise the featuring of your site, merely its review. When considering such a submission, it does the business owner good to keep in mind that all things are not what they seem. Many internet based award sites are merely intended to draw you, and your site visitors to their site, via visual awards that must be placed at your property in order for you to be considered. The traffic given in return is often minimal, and not worthy of the additional download time on your site relative to the added graphics. The award sites below are considered some of the premium honors available on the internet today. If you feel confident in your site’s leading edge appeal, consider a submission, and good luck with your review! Yahoo Internet Life Surfers Choice – 15% off Cool Site of the Day Yahoo Pick of the Week USA Today Hot Sites The Webby Award   Related Subjects: Establish an affiliate program Banner advertising and exchange     top of website aware directory page

Submission Tips for Search Engine Directories – Your Site on Yahoo, Looksmart, and Open Directory, or DMOZ

Preparing Your Site for Directory Submission site optimization softwares and services directory >>> Successful submission of your site to major internet directories, such as Yahoo, Looksmart, or the Open Directory, require a specialized approach, significantly different from that necessary to success with the standard spider based search engines. The evaluation of your site by these properties will be done manually, via either paid or volunteer editors, who are charged with the responsibility for ensuring that only sites of the highest quality achieve listings in each of the directories. In this circumstance, overall site quality, in the areas of presentation, content originality, speed of download, and general navigational ease will present themselves as primary in ensuring that a listing is achieved. Rankings within that environment, once listed, will rely strongly upon only a few basic areas, including given title, description, and the category of listing. As many of these areas are entirely managed by the editor responsible for your selected category, ensuring basic site appeal and value can strongly impact their willingness to use your suggested title, and/or description, thus ensuring a high ranking. The following outline the basics of ensuring an appealing site prior to submitting: Rule #1 – Create Appeal A site that is clearly put together quickly, and unprofessionally, does little to interest an editor who spends his or her day reviewing all manner of properties, including the very best. Take the time to develop your site properly, or utilize a skilled designer if you have not the time, or the interest to do so on your own. As noted elsewhere at Online for Success, keep the navigation intuitive, the pages quick to download, and the content well organized. All of these factors serve to assist in achieving an editor’s approval. Rule #2 – Don’t Jump Too Quickly Before submitting your site, ensure that all aspects of its construction are complete. There is little that will turn an editor’s eye elsewhere more quickly than a site with non-functioning links, or "under construction" graphics. If the property is not at a state of perfection, save the submission until you achieve it, as to submit early will surely result in the denial of your listing request, and potential difficulty with re-submitting down the road. Rule #3 – Follow Their Rules Each directory property has their own terms of submission, which is generally incorporated into their submission page(s). Take the time to read and understand these rules, as a failure to do so can result in either non-inclusion, or at worst, permanent banning of your property from the directory involved. Once your site is fully complete, and of absolute value to the editor, and visitors it will achieve, it is imperative to understand the impacts of your submitted title, and description, as well as the category you select for the listing request. All directories follow a similar process, though the actualities of how listed sites are ranked during a search remain largely unknown. The most important factors to consider when preparing your submission to Yahoo, Looksmart, or the Open Directory include: Site Title The title associated with your site is often dictated by the given name of your business. In most cases, directory terms of submission will inform submitters that all business sites must use their given name for listing. This is to help avoid scenarios where all ranking-aware site operators suggest names that begin with "A", or "123". As listings are generally alphabetical in the directory area, these issues can have a strong impact on traffic from that location. It is also best to avoid listings that merely note your URL, such as . The combined format of this title would result in an inability of the search function to discern the keywords within that title, reducing the opportunity for search related success. Obviously, an important feature of your title is these incorporated keywords, which can often be dictated at the moment you select your domain name. Keeping this factor in mind early can be of substantial import at this juncture. Site Description As noted earlier, the final site description is always the decision of the editor involved in the evaluation process. It is imperative to recommend a description that will be effective, based upon standard keyword strategies, and satisfactory to the editor’s intent to provide only an accurate outline of your site’s content. Incorporate carefully placed keywords that relate entirely to your site’s content, in as appealing, and efficient a manner as possible. Avoid suggestions that are mainly hype, as they do little to impress the area editor, and can result in a description entirely generated by them, which may miss the mark you were aiming for entirely. Take the time to review other site descriptions in your category of interest, following their example to determine what the appropriate number of words, and keyword selections are effective for them. Do a search to see which sites rank highest, and determine the most potent mix of keywords and category to achieve that type of ranking for your internet property. Due care taken pre-submission will ensure a positive impact on your business via the traffic, and thus sales, that can stem from a solid directory listing on sites such as Yahoo, Looksmart, and the Open Directory. Research thoroughly, implement carefully, and then prepare for your own version of online success. 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