What in the Blazes is an Exit Exchange?

What in the Blazes is an Exit Exchange? featured exit exchange services >>> In this era of diminished banner value, growing internet marketing expenses, and a consistently expanding level of competition online, the need for new means of generating affordable visitor traffic has resulted in the creation of many a promotional resource. The exit exchange is one such resource, creating an opportunity for much needed exposure and branding for the startup web entrepreneur. Is an exit exchange the tool your property has been waiting for? Let’s explore the nature of this all too often maligned resource. What in the Blazes is it? Remember the good, old fashioned banner exchange? The banner exchange has been around nearly as long as banners themselves, and in the days where visitors would actually take note and visit the advertised properties, these exchanges played a strong role in the promotion of many a web site. A variety of ratios were offered by different exchange networks, with the most common being 2:1, or you show our banners on your site twice, we will show yours once somewhere within our network. The other 50% of available impressions were often relegated to the promotion of the network itself, or sold to outside interests. Enter the exit exchange. With the advent of the java based pop up window, many web sites took advantage of the opportunity to heighten value for advertisers by opening an additional window upon arrival to, or exit from a site, usually featuring information from an paying advertiser. With response rates to banner ads on the downslide, the hope was that pop ups would result in an improved reaction, and thus a higher potential revenue from advertisers. The reality was a little different. Though many properties continue to make use of page load based pop ups, the risk of doing so often outweighs their true value in achieving improved advertising revenues. Reaction to pop ups by internet travellers was inherently negative, often resulting in an immediate exit from the property as a reward for creating annoyance within their ranks. With visitor acquisition, and satisfaction playing such a strong role in Internet success, most customer savvy web businesses opted to discontinue the use of pop ups as an advertising medium, although many continue to use them as a means of bringing information of TRUE VALUE to the attention of their clientele upon arrival. But the pop up junkies were not yet done with us. If the page load pop up was too much of a visitor annoyance, why not load the ads when they leave? The thinking was that at the time of exit, the visitor has accomplished whatever they intended at your property, and therefore the annoyance would be of less risk to your revenue base, while maintaining the potential for advertising dollars. As an additional purported bonus, pop ups loaded upon exit avoid the problem of screened site content, an area of concern to those initially utilizing them upon page load. Isn’t this a fantastic idea? The correct answer here is… maybe? Research indicates a clear level of displeasure amongst Internet users with any advertiser based pop up window, be it generated upon entry to, or, to a somewhat lesser degree, exit from a property. To presume that the departing guest is no longer of value is like telling every customer you serve that you are only interested in serving them once, and have a nice day. The reality is that no business can thrive without the all important combination of repeat customer, and word of mouth advertising. As such, to deliver a negative experience following a potentially positive site experience otherwise should be weighed against the value of the inclusion of the exit exchange. With the exit based pop up window forming what is essentially your client’s final impression, a clear understanding of your visitor preferences, and their potential future value, must be added into the equation. There is without a doubt a time and place for everything. Pop up windows upon entry and exit continue to be utilized by thousands of site owners, and have proved their value in specific circumstances. The exchange concept itself can generate a tremendous amount of payback for the savvy webmaster. With a range of ratios available today, as well as the multi-tiered models that allow credits for traffic generated by other webmasters that sign up based upon your recommendation, the concept itself can assist the newcomer to the market in establishing their presence, and in ensuring their own online success. Take the time to research your options, and keep your visitors in mind throughout your decision making process. As is true in life, moderation can prove to be of ultimate value in business, and can make the difference in its ability to profit today, and in the future. Would you like to use this article on your site, or have it emailed to you? Featured Exit Exchange Services: ExitBlaze.com BannerAddict.com ExitDirect.com FreeVisits.com   Related Subjects: Online’s complete web site promotion directory Implement a banner exchange     top of exit exchange page