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Submitting to Award Sites featured award submission sites >>> Since the dawn of the popular internet, and the growth of interest in being online, there have been those who have dedicated their time and efforts to the review of new web based properties. These critics have in turn garnered the respect and interest of web travellers everywhere, folks practically begging for information on the freshest new properties. Submitting your newly developed internet wonder can be rewarding in more ways then one. Firstly, there is the infinite satisfaction of being recognized for the serious efforts applied in the preparation of your web project. Secondly, there exists the potential for traffic… Award sites that have been in operation for some time can deliver the selected "site of the day" thousands of visitors in a very short period of time. Their online, and email publications are in demand, and those in receipt of the information waste no time in visiting the newest web commodity. Some sites offer no cost submission, while others may charge a range of fees depending on time of review. As in many pay per service internet areas, payment does not promise the featuring of your site, merely its review. When considering such a submission, it does the business owner good to keep in mind that all things are not what they seem. Many internet based award sites are merely intended to draw you, and your site visitors to their site, via visual awards that must be placed at your property in order for you to be considered. The traffic given in return is often minimal, and not worthy of the additional download time on your site relative to the added graphics. The award sites below are considered some of the premium honors available on the internet today. If you feel confident in your site’s leading edge appeal, consider a submission, and good luck with your review! Yahoo Internet Life Surfers Choice – 15% off Cool Site of the Day Yahoo Pick of the Week USA Today Hot Sites The Webby Award   Related Subjects: Establish an affiliate program Banner advertising and exchange     top of website aware directory page