Domain Selection – .Com vs .Org, .Net, .Biz & More

The level of competition in domain name selection has grown fierce as interest in the internet has exploded. Single name intuitive domains are being valued, and purchased for figures in the millions of dollars. It has even become difficult to find multiple word domains that meet the phrase popularity criteria.

In reaction to the short supply, many creative organizations have developed new domain locations designed to allow internet focused companies and individuals to register names and phrases of value to them. Development in this field is both a factor of need, and potential profit for the organizations who control the locations.

Some of the most recent additions to this ever-growing list include:

* .biz
* .home
* .info

Without a doubt, there will be many more to come as demand creates potential for even higher earnings for both the registrars and sales agents for these locations. When considering an alternative location for your online venture, keep the following in mind:

Dot Com is King

Though the prevalence of alternatives to a .com location are increasing daily, the power of a .com domain continues to be unrivaled for its acceptance by consumers and search engines alike. The .com name generates a virtual sense of legitimacy, as the domain where it all began. Even old timers like .net, and .org have yet to obtain the general appeal of a .com name.

Without a doubt, everything has its time, and its place. Newcomers like .biz or .info may play a significant role in coming years, and they do allow businesses the flexibility to choose a far more intuitive location name than that which is available in the .com world. But with a limited appeal, and limited search engine recognition, one should likely consider them for additional location registrations, versus the cornerstone location for a new online venture.

My Own Dot Com

Rule number one when selecting your .com name is simply this – take your time! Getting this step right the first time can save you countless hours and headaches down the road. Some recommended steps are:

1. Do the research. Find out what your potential customers are looking for on the net. What keywords and phrases are they looking for? Try visiting for help with this step. Goto provides a popular search tool that allows you to enter keywords and phrases, and view the number of searches done on that, and other related terms for a one month period. This can give you a very good idea of what your keyword focus should be.

2. Search the domain registry. Once you’ve narrowed down to a few specific terms and phrases, search the domain registry to check on what’s available in that area. Be creative, always keeping your potential client’s habits in mind. Online for Success provides a domain search area to get you started, located here.

3. Still having trouble finding a suitable name? Why not register with an organization that tracks about to expire domain names? Should a domain not be renewed in an area of relevance to your business, they will inform you of its availability. One never knows – perhaps luck will be on your side, and online success just around the bend!