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Ecommerce Softwares and Services The available array of ecommerce software and services has grown exponentially over the last few years, in response to the massive increase in demand for these products. Shopping Cart Softwares – Server Installed Shopping cart software provides the basic on-site capabilities necessary to allowing your visitors the opportunity to make a purchase. Features vary from package to package, with prices that range accordingly. The software itself will need to be installed on your dedicated or hosted server in order to operate. This process, as well as install and fine tuning of the security parameters associated with online credit card use require some technical expertise. Ensuring the software’s compatibility with your server’s operating system is also an essential consideration. Shopping Cart Softwares – Hosted Services These providers offer developer friendly shopping cart softwares that allow for installation on-site by non-technical operators. The catalogue, or product pages are stored on the service provider’s servers, meaning there is no server installation necessary on the part of the site builder. Many of these services provide simple cut and paste links to drop into your property pages, once you have entered your product data on their servers. These packages are often developed with merchant accounts included, or established partnerships in place intended to simplify the application and approval process. Pricing on this type of package can vary significantly, depending upon the number of features involved. As such, care should be taken to ensure you are paying only for the services you require before finalizing any agreement. Merchant Account Only Providers These services offer the merchant an opportunity to utilize pre- established merchant accounts in exchange for either a straight monthly fee, or per transaction fees on top of the fees charged by the credit card companies. For the online entrepreneur without an existing merchant account relative to a brick and mortar operation, these services can simplify access to credit card acceptance. Achieving bank approval of internet-only merchant accounts can be a challenging, and costly experience, a scenario which spawned these types of services.   . Related Subjects: General web design software directory       top of ecommerce software information page