Internet Marketing and Print Advertising

Internet Marketing and Print Advertising In the early years of internet commerce, marketing and corporate branding for internet business were managed almost exclusively via online media. Banner advertisements at major properties were the "must have" of the day, with a presumption that to visually appeal to those already traversing the net was sufficient to creation of a sustaining customer base. In the end, the banner advertisement began to tire, as the high speed travellers of the web developed an immunity to their lure, due in part to the overexposures dealt to them through the initial years. Though continuing to this day as an effective branding tool, traffic generation was no longer most efficiently managed through the careful placement of a few image based links. As the advertising executives of the brick and mortar world began to make the crossover to corporate ecommerce, the use of standard media by this industry began to show signs of substantial growth. In the end, some of the strongest internet companies began to create their own market, literally generating a previously unheard of level of interest in the web, with the aim of drawing the newly converted to their properties, and products. In today’s increasingly competetive marketplace, the utilization of standard media tools continue to show that same level of growth. Many of today’s television, radio, and print media campaigns relate to partially, or entirely web based organizations. It is now relatively commonplace for existing companies to assemble large scale media blitzes to announce the launch of their new presence on the web. And with a dedicated viewer, listener, or reader base, whose own affiliation with the internet is growing, these well thought out campaigns are impressively successful. Utilizing print media as a marketing avenue for your new internet business can prove to be one of the most efficient advertising investments that your organization will make. That is, of course, presuming the ad to be well targeted, and effective at drawing that market once it has been exposed. When considering placing your property in print, their are many considerations. Who? What? Where? When? The why is relatively obvious. Selecting a publication can require a significant amount of research, as pricing and level of exposure can vary considerably. Companies with a limited budget for this form of advertising would be well advised to carefully explore all their options. This is not to say that a fixed budget restricts you to ads in the local paper – explore your market for affordable trade, or regional publications, within, or outside your area of residence. As a business on the web, your scope is potentially international, which both expands your available market, and your advertising platforms. Some examples of print publications for consideration include: coffee shop tabloids neighborhood papers trade publications local newspapers national newspapers, classifieds international publications, classifieds yellow page directories catalogue publications magazines Select your avenue of communication with care, and with an eye to the needs of your potential customers. Analyze the response levels achieved, consistently improving your ad message to draw the interest of your market. And remember that in print advertising, it is rarely a first glance that garners you a visit, more often the fifth or sixth exposure that gets them there. Print advertising is a long term investment, that if made selectively can have a significant, positive impact on your online success. Would you like to use this article on your site, or have it emailed to you? Related Subjects: Internet Marketing – Promotional Merchandise Internet Marketing – Listing at a Shopping Portal     top of print advertising for internet business page