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Add a Search Engine featured site search engine providers >>> One of the key elements in effective site design is ensuring that your visitors are able to easily navigate your property, in its entirety. The goal should be a design that is intuitive, where guests can locate their needs, and be exposed to your products, with as little thought as possible. One key feature to allow this essential ease of access is an on-site search function. A site search tool allows your visitors to avoid the frustration of reviewing multiple pages in their quest for knowledge. Instead, they key in a simple phrase, and choose the area of specific interest to them. There are a number of tools available to assist the internet business operator in incorporating this technique, and each has its own area of application. Standard options include the following: Search tools that compile listings from within a site Search tools to utilize listings from both within a site, OR the web in general, depending on the visitors request Search tools that compile listings from ONLY outside your site, generally from a specific source engine The application you select depends strongly on the goals of your operation. Sites interested in exposure of their product will generally select a search engine that functions within their site only, in the hope that they will maintain the visitor’s attention for as long as possible. Sites that are information based often select the combination tools to allow their visitors the opportunity to further explore the web for the data they seek. Others will choose the outside only engines which often pay the site operator a small fee for each search processed through their site. Online has assembled a directory of search engine tools to assist you in assist you in bringing your site to the intuitive level, helping to ensure your online success: AtomZ provides one of the most powerful, free for use in-site search tools available on the market. Outside advertising is not currently applied to your search results pages. There are a variety of strong customization tools that allow for complete design control over your results pages. Upgrades are available to allow for additional control over results, password protection of restricted areas, and more. Bravenet Web Services Bravenet provides an in-site search engine easily installed and configured to meet your needs. The search tool is customizable, and free of charge. Results pages will feature a banner advertising Bravenet’s services to your search users. Google Google is one of the largest internet search engines, compiling information on millions of sites around the world. Google offers a free tool that can be configured for either in-site, web based, or combination searches. With access to the world’s largest database of online information, designers interested in providing their clients with the best of the web will be very pleased with Google’s service. Pay for service upgrades also available. Overture provides off-site only search tools that earn the hosting webmaster referral funds for each search conducted. Search tool is restricted to off-site results generated from the GoTo directory. Sitelevel Offers a in-site search tool that is entirely customizable, manages password protected areas, all free of charge. Sitelevel will place external advertising on the results pages. Much like Overture, many of the pay for placement sites offer free, or referral income based search tools for use on your site. These generally achieve results from the pay per click site in question, but can be a means of income for the webmaster willing to explore external results. Visit our Pay Per Click page for a complete listing of pay for placement engines. Related Subjects: Add a Bulletin Board Add an Affiliate Program     top of site search software page