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Site Design Software featured site design softwares and services >>> With the variety of costs associated with business startup, online or off, many fiscally cautious entrepreneurs are giving careful thought to potential opportunities for cost reduction. One area receiving a considerable amount of attention in today’s online world is the realm of site development. Costs associated with site design and building can range from as little as $149 for a single page "business card" site, to many thousands of dollars for more extensive, and feature rich projects. With all the potential avenues for investment when developing an online presence, including additional feature incorporation, location marketing, customer acquisition and maintenance, today’s online entrepreneur may give serious consideration to building all, or portions of their property on their own. Doing so can seem a daunting task for the uninitiated, especially with the level of technology available in today’s market. The true wonder of that technology, however, is that much of it has been applied toward ensuring the availability of development tools that focus entirely upon simplicity, and ease of use. The product range in today’s market is substantial. The following are examples of design/development tools available: True Development Softwares For the online entrepreneur willing to start from scratch, custom developing their site from the ground up, the following HTML authoring tools allow total control over your location’s environment. Today’s editing softwares are comparitively easy to use, with substantial training and help documentation included. Some of the most popular include: Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Microsoft Frontpage 2002 Truly Simple Development Softwares Similar in nature to the above development softwares, this group of easy to use editors allow the relative newcomer to web technology a quick and easy means to self-develop a completed web product. Most packages offer point and click, template based options, with the ability to edit the HTML if additional customization is required. NetObject’s Fusion MX Adobe’s GoLive 5.0 Homepage Builder 5.0 Allaire Homesite 5.5 Truly Simple Development and Hosting Packages This group of online, hosted options allow the inexperienced designer a simple means of quickly generating a ready to use site that includes hosting as part of the overall cost. These packages vary in the level of customization available, and should be carefully reviewed prior to initiation of an agreement to ensure they meet with your overall business needs. Many offer a free trial period as well. Homestead Professional Yahoo Store Builder   Related Subjects: Professional Design Groups Additional Design Tools Top Ten Web Design Tips     top of website design software page