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Live Customer Service featured live customer service providers >>> As the level of competition for customer acquisition continues to grow, there is a consistent need for the new online venture to set itself apart from the pack. Doing so is a multi-faceted effort, but the provision of an exceptional standard of customer service is one aspect that can simply not be ignored. Providing an experience that clearly places the needs of the customer at the forefront is one that will not only garner the all-important word of mouth advertising, but is a tool that will keep them coming back, again and again. As most online enterprises survive based on the business of repeat customers, or the ability to upsell to previous customers who choose to return because of a positive service experience, planning your customer care strategies early is an absolute necessity. There are many areas impacted when customer care is taken into consideration. These range from development strategies that give due value to issues of import to your visitors, such as download times, simplicity of navigation, and overall site presentation, to general service strategies, standards that ensure regular and effective follow-ups, customer feedback, and suggestion integration, as necessary. An additional tool that is growing in popularity online is the implementation of true "live" customer service for your visitors. These software tools allow the site operator(s) to converse with their potential customers via voice or chat window, answering questions regarding the product, or site, with a speed and efficiency that closes on what is available in the brick and mortar world. The popularity of these tools reflects the desire of the online shopper to feel at home in an environment that is often believed to be easily compromised, or fly by night. Establishing a live conversation with your visitors places a real person at the other end of your site, achieving a comfort level for your visitors that can easily lead to improved sales, and of course, online success. Below you will find direct links to some of the most popular "live" service applications available to date. These services offer a variety of free for use, and pay for service options to satisfy all types of web based business applications. provides a basic online chat package that can incorporate live customer service into your property for a one time fee of only $199. This fee covers the licencing of their product to one domain name. Installation assistance is available as well, for a fee of $75. HumanClick/Liveperson HumanClick, now known as LivePerson, has been one of the most popular live service providers in recent memory. Initially a free service offering, the LivePerson product is currently available free for a 15 day period, at which point a monthly charge will be levied. The charges associated vary significantly, and are dependant upon the level of service required by your organization. LiveHelper allows companies to answer their customers’ questions online through real-time text and voice chat. LiveHelper is a simple, hosted solution that does not require the installation of any expensive or complex enterprise software. Their basic product is free to try for 10 days, with a minimum monthly commitment of $25 should you wish to maintain the service. Livehelper features a variety of pay per service models whose feature package can grow as your business does. is a fully outsourced customer service solution, that provides the capability for online chat and call back solutions via their staff of trained customer service operators. All inquiries are managed by their personnel, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Pricing for this service begins at $300 per month, all inclusive. is a full service e CRM provider, with product packages suitable for all sizes of business. Their basic package allows the proprietor to offer their visitors chat, voice, and video based services direct from their property. Available customer service packages begin at just $149 per month.   Related Subjects: Tools to promote your business Autoresponders as a service tool     top of providing live customer service page