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Add a Poll Using Software featured poll providers >>> An increasingly popular catch-phrase in the world of online success is site "stickiness" – the ability of your site to maintain its visitors long enough to expose them to your product in a meaningful way, while creating sufficient interest to generate either a referral, or return visit. Achieving this level of loyalty requires planning from the outset, and a thorough understanding of your visitor, their needs, and their preferences. The addition of a regularly changing poll to your environment creates a sense of community, the idea that the visitor is involved in the generation of information that may or may not change the face of the site, or the internet as a whole. This type of interactivity creates interest on the part of the visitor, and may draw them back for results, or to participate in future polls. As an online entrepreneur focused on repeat visits, these add ons can take a run of the mill site to a new level, with repeat visitors allowing for continued exposure to products and services, a scenario entirely necessary to your site’s end success. There are a variety of services available for the implementation of polls on your site. Online has compiled a sampling of these services below: Bravenet offers a free polling package with good customization ability, and easy installation. A link back to Bravenet will be featured in the poll area. Bravenet’s other website development services include add-on forums, java based chat, messenger, and mailing list management. Formerly known as, Sparklit offers a very popular polling package that allows the site designer to easily customize background and text colors to match their site. Polls can be displayed on the page or in a pop-up window. Sparklit also offers additional services, including surveys, counters, and advertiser management packages. Providing a range of services designed to improve site stickiness through enhanced interactivity, Webaga’s polling platform is highly customizable, professional in appearance, includes installation, and is affordable for even the smallest e-business. Webaga also offers a suite of message board, and mailing list managers. Related Subjects: Add a Bulletin Board Add Live Customer Service   top of poll software provider page